History of Online Casinos


The origin of online casinos can go through three processes. The first is the height of gaming software. Since the mid-70s, the gaming software began to become known in terrestrial casinos. It is only then that the software replaces the traditional mechanisms of slot machines, which were also able to display graphics and features like on a computer.

The first blackjack software were developed by professional card games in the 70’s software for gambling was the first piece of a puzzle that already demanded at the time, be perfected. By reading free bonus casino reviews one can know more about online casino games.

The only thing missing was a mechanism for different computers connected together via a server: using gaming applications could have been done through this server. The emergence of the Internet solved this problem, especially when it became fully accessible Internet in the 90 previously used as a simple means of communication.

Users were were content to connect to an Internet platform from their jobs and send messages to those who were connected at the time. But it was not long before they realized that the Internet could provide much more in terms of technology.


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